Our Vision


We, as women, take on so many hats. The Work Bar was designed to be a place of peace amongst the chaos – a place where women can focus and flourish together in an unstoppable community. 

Our calling is to provide anything and everything we can to help a fellow woman in the workplace. For us, this is having a space that’s entirely your own. A space to pursue your passions, create meaningful work and be wrapped in the kindness and support of fellow members.

We also want The Work Bar to be a place where you feel taken care of. From laundry to the beverage in your hand and aroma in the air, we want you to come to work every day feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.  

We aim for this to be a place of flourishing, for women to do what they’re called to do. In addition to our co-working spaces and amenities, you’ll have access to resources and workshops led by advisors, teachers, organizers and industry leaders to propel you even further.

Schedule a tour with us and let’s share your unique talents with the world.